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SAR offer consulting services within HSE, waste management and environment. We also offer courses to promote eco-friendly and cost-effective Waste Chain Management™ throughout the value chain.


SAR Sustainability Department

SAR has a large sustainability department, with long experience that offers the expertise you need in environmentally friendly, safe and cost-effective waste management. Together with our customers, we can tailor and concept that match your needs.

Our consultants have acquired knowledge through formal education and practical experience, which has been gained by implementing and adapting solutions for a number of different clients. Our employees have experience with comprehensive solutions within waste management, environmental accounting, courses and consulting. Several of our employees have offshore certificates and can thus also assist in the workplace offshore, should this be necessary. The sustainability department works and influences together with our customers and suppliers the entire chain in our Waste Chain Management concept, WCM®, which is a protected trademark.

We help customers to prevent waste from occurring, improve source sorting and grow waste recycling. We actively contribute to our customers with the best environmentally friendly solutions to utilize resources in the best possible way and create new products. WCM® involves active advice and guidance in waste and the environment. Environmental advisors can have their base with customers, or carry out sales and studies from SAR's offices.




We actively contribute by documenting eco footprints, setting environmental goals and reducing the environmental impact of our customers.

Sustainability is the core of our foundation. We recognise that every resource has a life cycle. The goal is to minimise the volume of waste generated and rather retain the resource for as long as possible through its lifecycle. Further by optimizing recycling of the resource and energy recovery we ensure that our customers reduce their environmental footprint

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Some of the services we offer in consulting:

  • Environmental analysis and guidance
  • Mapping and waste plans
  • Footprint reporting, CO2 emissions
  • Training and promotions
  • Environmental GAP analysis, BAT evaluation
  • Interpretation of analysis reports
  • Classification and declaration of hazardous waste
  • Environmental reporting Government contact
  • Development of guidelines and training materials for customers
  • Risk assessed
  • Applications to the authorities
  • Revisions Preparedness, participation in exercises etc.
  • Sampling, measurements and analysis work
  • Improvement work within HSE and quality
  • Basic investigations

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