General Waste




General Waste

General waste comes from public and private businesses and institutions.

SAR will collect, perform a further sorting and prepare industrial waste for shipment to the respective recycling depot in Norway or abroad. The aim is to ensure that the maximum amount of waste re-used and recycled.

Examples of industrial waste:

  • Cardstock and cardboard
  • Paper of all types
  • Drinks cartons
  • Soft plastics / Hard plastics
  • Packaging plastics including cling film, energy plastic (unsuitable for material recycling), agricultural wrapping, big-bags (fish feed), bottles and cans
  • PVC tarpaulin
  • Wood
  • Electrical and Electronic (EE) waste, fridges and freezers, home furnishing whiteware and brownware, telecom and data, transformers, electric motors, light tubes and light bulbs, incandescent bulbs, cables and leads
  • Metals (may be sorted)
  • Glass
  • Steel scrap
  • Garden waste
  • Residual waste
  • Fish-farm cages and pellets delivery pipes, fishing nets
  • Ropes and thread
  • Compacted styrofoam (compacted EPS)

We offer reantal of skips, containers, compactors and bale-presses, as well as sorting equipment for the respective fractions.

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Industrial recycling units for hire

All waste delivered in plastic bags must be delivered in “see-through” plastic bags

SAR is an environmental company and we always work to maximize recovery of materials. Thorough sorting from our customers is vital to achieve this. To enable SAR and our partners to make the best possible control of the received waste we will implement a requirement that waste delivered in plastic bags is delivered in “see-through” plastic bags. This is according to current standard in the industry.

In addition to expected environmental benefit this will also help us prevent situations related to fire hazard, pollution and personal injury. Wrong sorting can lead to serious consequence and this can be identified easier in the receipt control when the bags used are of “see-through” material.

This new requirement will be implemented fully from 01.01.2021 and will apply to both customers from private homes and the industry.

If there are special circumstances that prohibit the above for your company please contact our sales personnel and we will find a solution together for your company.

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