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Waste Chain Management 

Turning waste to value


What is WCM?

WCM® is a comprehensive solution for waste management which is designed to reduce the costs and environmental impact throughout the value chain.

First and foremost, Waste Chain Management reflects an attitude. Working according to WCM means that SAR and their customers always will treat ‘waste’ as a valuable resource, as opposed to viewing ‘waste’ as a problem.

Secondly, WCM also reflects a circular economy. WCM manages all aspects of the waste chain – from before a resource becomes ‘waste’ until the resource is brought back into a new life cycle.

This circular production policy includes all stages - from creation of waste, collection, receival, classification, sorting, transportation, and recycling into a new resource.

Drilling waste from the offshore operations and other polluting fluids are even treated in SAR's own facilities.

Waste Chain Management


Why is WCM important?

The concept is based on the recognition that a resource has a life cycle. The goal is to retain the resource for as long as possible through its lifecycle by optimizing recycling of the resource and energy recovery, and by simply limiting the volume of resources consigned to a landfill.

Minimizing the volume of waste in landfills will also reduce the leakage of methane gas from decomposition of organic materials into the atmosphere.

Therefore, WCM provides a two-fold value for a company: Cost efficiency and compliance to environmental standards and regulations.

WCM can be a competitive advantage for you.

WCM is also important for a company’s reputation because it clearly demonstrates their ability to handle waste in a responsible manner.

The authorities are constantly increasing standards to protect the environment, and the manufacturer of the waste is responsible for compliance.

Sustainable Waste Chain Management is therefore a key task in all businesses which produce waste of whatever kind in their manufacturing process.


How does it work?

SAR takes an overall responsibility and handles all the three key aspects of waste management on behalf of the customer:

  1. Strategy and Planning: SAR will work together with your company, as a waste producer, to establish a waste management policy and plan
  2. Operations: On behalf of your company, SAR will handle all types of waste, i.e. collection, separation and processing
  3. Recycling: Together with partners, SAR will ensure that the resource is kept in its life cycle, if possible

WCM® is a concept that also embraces GAP analyses, Waste Chain Management plans, training, and awareness-raising. The concept helps minimize waste volumes at the customer site, by examining the whole lifecycle, from procurement of the raw material to the delivery of the finished product. SAR is always looking to optimize operating procedures and downstream solutions for all waste we manage on behalf of customers.

WCM® helps the customer save both time and money, as well as give them a documented environmentally friendly profile.


Which companies and industries may benefit from WCM?

All companies, regardless of size and industry, can gain benefit from SAR’s WCM-concept. We will assist companies to identify the optimal solutions to both large and small challenges, waste issues and ensure that all the governmental requirements and guidelines are met.

Larger customers working with SAR can be confident that their entire waste chain is performed in accordance with regulatory requirements and industrial best practices. In the same way, smaller customers can enjoy the same standards, despite not having the same internal resources as a larger company.


Why WCM and SAR?

SAR's overriding vision for our services is "no harm" to man, environment, or equipment.
Our experience and expertise are an important factor in reducing costs.

Demanding clients makes SAR a trustworthy and cost-efficient partner. SAR works together with a wide range of companies, some of them very small and with no dedicated resources within waste management and some of them large oil companies with great inhouse resources, high demands and standards.

SAR’s employees have considerable expertise within all required disciplines of waste chain management. Our staff are WCM professionals with solid formal education and extensive experience, to the benefit of our customers of all sizes.

Strong HSEQ is one of SAR’s boldest trademarks. You may rest assured that all required qualifications and safety courses are completed and documented for each and all SAR employees, for any given task.
SAR has a solid track record from handling waste logistics, and our clear quality policy puts you as a customer in focus:

  • Our services shall be based upon the highest requirements for our employees, systems, equipment and facilities. This commitment shall also apply to our selection of suppliers
  • We will constantly work to improve our environmental performance including implementation of energy saving measures
  • We promise that our customers will receive a total solution for the handling, recovering and recycling of waste to prevent any loss of resource.
  • We will constantly strive to improve our services and our management system for health, environment, safety and quality

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Technology, safety and quality

At SAR we have a dedicated expertise that are continuously improving and refining our technical solutions for how to deal with hazardous waste from offshore and land-based industry. Our goal is to offer customers the best environmental and cost-effective solutions both at home and abroad.

SAR's Environmental Division and Business Development Division work closely together to improve product recovery and downstream solutions for all waste. Our solutions seek to be both eco-friendly and safe. In other words, we employ the Best Available Technology (BAT) and Best Environmental Practice (BEP).

SAR Management System is certified to Norwegian Standards NS-EN ISO 14001 and 9001.

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