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Industrial Services

SAR is proud to offer a full range of industry services in collaboration with our partners.


Examples of industrial services:


"No entry" tank cleaning 

The best solution for HSEQ, reducing downtime and costs. Improves product recycling and saves time. Includes self-contained nitrogen generator (N2)

Applicable to all container sizes from small separator tanks to large product tanks. Includes nitrogen service and supply onsite, flue gas scrubber can be used, etc. Personnel only used in final phase.


Industrial vacuum cleaning, high pressure cleaning and water jet cutting services

We are specialized in industrial vacuum cleaning and high-pressure cleaning. As a leader in this field, we have a large number of machines / vehicles.

By being innovative and constantly developing new technology (automation of equipment and reduction of the human factor), downtime is reduced, costs are saved and HSEQ is improved.

Heat exchangers, process reactors and cooling towers, paint and rust removal, etc.


Pipe video inspection and flushing

Cleaning and flushing of all types of pipe, video inspection, etc. Everything from routine assignments, maintenance and immediate response.

Our experienced and qualified personnel in high-presuse specialized equipment to provide 24/7 pipe inspection and high-pressure cleaning services.

CCTV inspection systems for diagnosis and examinations


Chemical cleaning and decontamination

Environmentally friendly and safe decontamination of process plants can be a challenge. We offer chemical decontamination that offers significant benefits on costs, health, safety and environmental aspects.

In connection with shutdown or maintenance; Chemical cleaning can provide a clean gas-free atmosphere, which allows, among other things, hot work, to get started quickly


Catalyst disposal, recycling and work in inert nitrogen atmosphere

Catalyst service with safety, quality and innovation in focus. Charging of catalyst, transport, recovery and work in nitrogen atmosphere.

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