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Vacuum and Flushing Services

SAR offers a range of decontamination services including cleaning, video inspection, pressure testing and removal of sludge from all types of tanks and piping systems.

Flushing of sewers and pipes

The very latest equipment combined with long and proven experience are combined at SAR to clean out blocking in sewers, pipes and drains and to locate the cause of any difficulties by video inspection.

We remove blockages, clean tanks, remove sand and sediment from pipes, improve visibility for video inspection, and remove ice from frozen pipes. Additionally we can offer pressure testing.

Video inspection of sewers and drains

The process involves utilizing a video inspection camera along the pipe and record the result, which may be viewed in real time.

The procedure offers a status inspection of a pipe and to locate leaks and blockages in all types of pipe. The service has proved useful and beneficial in cases of insurance claims. All video inspections are fully documented for the customer in a written report and digital recording.

Emptying service for septic tanks

Sludge may be removed by using a vacuum system on the lorry. Dry sludge can be treated biologically, whilst dirty water is flushed down the municipal drain or sent for treatment in our water treatment plant.

SAR can also provide full-service contracts where we also manage remediation of the sludge.

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