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Offshore Cleaning

SAR offers technical, high-pressure, chemical cleaning and flushing of oilfield equipment and installations both on and offshore.

Regular cleaning and a holistic maintenance program are crucial to maintain good conditions for years to come. Offshore cleaning services should be performed by professionals with the proper training and experiences to ensure high quality and safety.

We provide a wide range of offshore cleaning services, including standard tanks and containers, vessel cleaning and more. We remove all fluids and solids and perform surface maintenance and/or cleaning. We inspect and analyse each project and perform thorough cleaning and maintenance. Our cleaning services can also includes tank and vessel flushing, sandblasting, painting, chemical cleaning and more.

You can expect an experienced team, with great on- and offshore cleaning knowledge for a wide range of platforms, riggs and vessels. We safely eliminate potentially hazardous material and carry out needed cleaning and surface treatments.

Technical cleaning

Technical cleaning may be ideal for the following installations

  • Heat exchangers
  • Pipe spools and piping systems
  • Tanks and containers
  • Rig floor
  • Drilling rig
  • Drilling modules
  • Riser pipe
  • High pressure removal of rust and paintwork at above 2000 bar

Chemical cleaning

  • Acid-wash of piping, drain and sewer systems
  • LRA (low-radioactive) monitoring and detecting
  • Vacuum systems

Floatel International Logo

SAR performed an offshore cleaning project on Floatel Superior for our client Floatel International

We appreciate the opportunity to execute new projects for this client. Recently, Floatel Superior was on their way to dock in Skipavika Havneterminal, located north of Bergen. SAR received a request to carry out cleaning, sandblasting and painting of six tanks for hydraulic oil on the rig.

Floatel Superior experienced challenges with cooling the oil in their tanks. The tanks carried hydraulic oil for the rigs thruster systems. The cooling is carried out with the use of salt water, and over time the tanks have worked up algae growth, condensation and rust formation. The tanks had surface damage which in the long run could affect the propulsion and control system for the rig.

The project focused on cleaning oil residues and grease from all six tanks, before our subcontractor Multi Vedlikehold took care of surface treatment with sandblasting and paint.

Floatel International was established in 2006, and provide top quality offshore Floatels for extreme conditions. They have a modern fleet, certified and compliant to international standards, designed for tough regulations and harsh environments, for short- and long-term projects all around the worlds.

“We provide reliable and high performance Floatels, designed for deep waters and hostile environments all around the world.”

Floatel Superior is a semi-submersible accommodation and construction support vessel (floatel) designed for worldwide operation with emphasis on some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world, such as the Northern North Sea.

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