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Tank cleaning

SAR performs tank cleaning operations onshore and offshore, such as on floating rigs, supply vessels, all kind of ships, tankfarms and at refineries.


Professional tank- and industrial cleaning onshore and offshore

SAR has long experience with tank and industrial cleaning operations on both on and offshore.

We have a well-featured fleet of vehicles and equipment specially designed for these operations.

Many of our ADR-approved suction units are stationed at supply bases all along the Norwegian coast, to ensure that our customers are reached within a short period of time, even when several vessels need tank cleaning simultaneously.

We offer tank cleaning on all kind of tanks; rigs, supply vessels, all kind of ships, tankfarms and at refineries.


"No-entry" tank cleaning 

SAR works closely with international partners to offer “No entry” tank cleaning services employing a technology that negates the need for personnel to enter the tank.

This type of cleaning operation can be performed on tanks of any size from small separator units to large product tanks.

SAR has developed an inhouse system for “No entry” tank cleaning for tanks from 5-300 m3, specially designed for supply vessels. However, this system can also be used for other purposes.

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