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Averøy Department has two principal treatment facilities: WOSS for Water Oil Solid Separation, and TCC for Thermomechanical Cuttings Cleaning, which work on oil-based drilling waste. There are also tanks for receiving and storing oil-based mud slops and cuttings pits to receive and store oil-based drill cuttings.

Averøy Department also features a reception and storage facility for Category 2 waste fluids. There is a dedicated service team who look after service and maintenance of the process plant. The plant is an Accredited Apprenticeship Enterprise for award of Trade Certificates for Process Operator Chemical and Process Industry Operator.

Averøy Department partners with a local college for young apprentices on TAF schemes. The Department has 26 full-time jobs including WOSS operation, water purification and TCC operation, service and maintenance, administration and management (2013 figures).



Receiving, storage and final processing of oil-based drilling waste.

  • Treatment of drill cuttings
  • Treatment of slop


Drilling Waste



+47 4741424119

Opening hours: 07.00 - 15.00

Duty Phone: +47 414 24 119


Our locations

We are strategically located along the Norwegian coast from Stavanger in the south to Hammerfest in the north.



Tananger, Main Office

Oljeveien 5, N-4056 TANANGER 

P.Box 83, 4098 Tananger 

+47 51 94 44 44



SAR Locations

All you need to know about our locations

Head Office & Administration

SAR Main Office with its 60 employees is situated in Tananger, Norway. The head office consists of SAR management team and administrative departments, as listed below. The disciplines work closely together and have daily communication with all the SAR departments both nationally and internationally.

  • Sustainability Department

    Sustainability Department consists of 8 environmental engineers and HSE advisors that at any time assist our customers with issues concerning waste management, environmental technology, environmental accounting/reporting, and laws and regulations. The HSEQ Department also secures high quality of HSE, pollution prevention and working environment within the SAR organisation.

  • Sales- and Marketing Department

    Sales- and Marketing Department is responsible for sales, serving customers and follow up contracts. The Sales- and Marketing Department also consists of a dedicated tender team and a communication- and sales team that assists all SAR departments with regards to marketing, communication and sales.

  • HR Department 

    HR Department tends to personnel administration at all our branches and at all levels of the company. This includes planning, recruitment and development of the human resources situation in SAR.

  • Economy and Finance Department

    Economy and Finance Department is responsible for the overall financial management of the company; budget allocation / planning, monitoring of financial, accounting and procurement services.

  • Logistics Department 

    Logistics Department manages all transportation- and shipping services between our departments, treatment plants, and customer locations. In addition it keeps the overall control on inventory, tanks and treatment capacity at all SAR locations both nationally and internationally. 

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